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Focus on your business

No need to build an environment, and a high degree of control.

We provide services that enable you to develop your business online.

Customizable design

According to your needs and preferences.
You can create any design you want.


Ad tracking tags, etc. can be set.

Can be used overseas

Built-in currency converter.
You can also easily add thlanguage you need.

Free Payment

No extra charge for conversions.
Plug-ins for multiple payment companies can be used

No installation required.

No need to install any apps or software!
Just sign up to use it

How to start an online business

Easy to start

Registration is easy.

To get started, simply create an account and sign up for a subscription!

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Expanding physical stores to online

Migrate your online store services

Online store opened

Start your subscription with the plan that's right for you!

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Monthly amount


Number of products: 100

Number of accounts: 1

Data usage limit: 10GB

If you want to start small


Monthly amount


Number of products: 8

Number of accounts: 4

Data usage limit: 1GB

Recommended! Basic Plan


Monthly amount


Number of products: 20

Number of accounts: 10

Data usage limit: 5GB

High-performance plans


Monthly amount


Number of products: 1000

Number of accounts: 70

Data usage limit: 40GB